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quaneko User Manual

6 Command Line Interface (CLI)

The CLI is available in subdirectory 'cli' of the quaneko installation directory. This chapter describes the available commands. Further configurations are in the chapter Filter Configuration - Manual.

The CLI offers a number of command line switches:

    cli [--create INDEXNAME PATH \
		    [--ignore-numbers] [--stemming LANGUAGE] |
         --parse  INDEXNAME FILE |
		 --update INDEXNAME |
         --query  INDEXNAME EXPRESSION |
         --remove INDEXNAME

Creates a new index with the given name, e.g. 'Index01'. The index files are stored in the folder /tmp/Index01/. The created index is empty and ready for files to be parsed in.
./cli --create Index01 /tmp
Additionally, you might want to pass the following arguments to the --create command:
The command line switch --ignore-numbers configures the index to ignore words that are plain numbers. This can reduce the index size by about 10-20%.
--stemming LANGUAGE
The command line switch --stemming en enables stemming for the given language. Stemming can reduce the index size significantly but can only be activated for one language for the whole index. Please refer to the Appendix for a list of supported languages.

Parses all given files and directories with subdirectories into the given index, e.g. 'Index01'.
./cli --parse Index01 /home/tux/data /home/tux/somefile.txt

Updates all files and directories in the given index, e.g. 'Index01'. Files that are no longer existent are removed from the index. Directories are never removed. New files in previously parsed directories are added. An update always makes sure that all future search queries will return correct results.
./cli --update Index01

Searches the index (e.g. Index01) for the given word (e.g 'fishes') and lists all files which contain this word.
./cli --query Index01 fishes
Instead of a word you can also pass a logical expression to this command for a more complex specification of the search query. Please refer to Appendix for more details about supported logical expressions.

Removes the given index. Please note that only the index configuration is removed. The index files are still on the disk and need to be removed manually.

Lists all available indexes.

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