A tool to index your hard drive

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Welcome to the web site of quaneko

What is quaneko?

quaneko is a tool that allows you to quickly search for keywords in the files and directories on the local hard disk. It creates indexes over the words in those files. For you, this means that a typical search query will only take seconds.
quaneko can not only search for words in plain text files but also in various other file formats, depending on its configuration (e.g. Word doc, pdf, html, xml,...)

Is quaneko for me?

There are various reasons why you might consider using quaneko:

  • You have a lot of personal and downloaded data on your hard drive and finding the right file has become difficult and time consuming.
  • There are folders on your hard drive that contain a lot of files which don't have speaking names. For example files that are numbered like 'rfc1006.txt', 'rfc1234.txt'...
  • You need to be able to search the file contents of non-text documents such as Word doc, PDF or other formats.


quaneko is available for free!
quaneko is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.

quaneko :: A tool to index your hard drive :: Andrew Mustun, Thomas Jund and Laurent Cohn :: students of ZHWIN